Nick Verberne
Estate Agent

Nick has sustainability at the top of the agenda

‘From canal houses to old garages, we work with the most beautiful locations. In my career, I’ve learned to match the right buildings with the right users and vice versa,’ says Nick. ‘We give our clients sound advice. How do you know if your company is already in a good location? How could it be improved?’ He obviously looks at rent and location, but he also considers energy consumption and insulation.

Nick’s interest in sustainability aligns with his degree in Construction Management and Engineering from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and his certificate in Sustainability in Non-Residential Buildings he recently earned. ‘As a company, there’s no way around it anymore. So many companies today want to connect with a more sustainable building,’ Nick explains.

Nick closely follows the latest developments in making buildings more sustainable. It is an ever-changing issue, and standards are rising every day. A good example for Nick is the Walvis office building, where he went the extra mile to help guide the company currently in the building. And he did the job well because they have received multiple nominations and a BREAAM certification.

De Walvis, Grote Bickersstraat 76, Amsterdam

Contact Nick
T. +31 6 81 85 57 41

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