The art of allure starts with presentation.



At Broersma, we believe that showcasing a home is an art. We highlight the unique elements of each space, the beautiful details that will entice the perfect new owner, with staging, compelling copy, and gorgeous photos. Complete information. Elegant presentation. That is our motto. We will do everything we can to get your property let successfully, whether it is a single property or an entire complex.


Broersma’s five letting phases

Phase 1: A no-obligation consult
We will get to know you first. We start by listening and outlining our role in letting your property or project. Our advice is built around an initial inventory of your property’s key features. We will do a quick scan of your property and map out any obstacles we have identified. Then we will share our vision with you, along with our recommended rent and a no-obligation quote. Clients with multiple rental properties can take advantage of the Broersma project subscription. It is a new contract style where we handle all of the rentals and marketing.

Phase 2: Commissioning and marketing
Once we have explained our recommendations and our quote, we will move into the commissioning and marketing phase. We will create a digital rental file with all the relevant rental details about the property. Our office will select the right documents, prepare a draft lease, and structure the overall presentation. Once that is done, the art of allure begins.

Styling and presentation are crucial to bringing in maximum attention. That means experience is a key part of the process at Broersma, both in enticing potential tenants first to a showing, and then in the tenant’s decision-making process. That is why we work with professional stylists and photographers from the Broersma Circle, our exclusive network of hand-picked specialists.

We will work together to tell a unique story that incorporates experiences from past tenants. We will bundle it all together with our expert vision in the Broersma magazine, which we design and publish ourselves. We will also publish everything on the Broersma platform and generate direct leads with Funda, MVA, social media, and our extensive network.

We will also get in touch with other agencies, relocation firms, and companies looking to lease high-end space. We are familiar with international demand and how to adapt our marketing to fit.

Phase 3: The let
No two properties are the same, just like no two moments are the same. That means response can differ per property and per project. We are here to be your compass, guiding you on this journey. We will share our knowledge and take the emotion out of letting. On the market longer than you expected? Broersma is always looking for new solutions, and we take a proactive approach to advice.

Phase 4: Lease and closing
Once your property has generated interest, Broersma will give you advice on what to do next. As soon as an agreement is reached, we will document it in writing. We will screen the prospective tenant, check the numbers, run an employment check, and ask for references. Finally, we supervise the signing and closing before, during, and after check-in.

Phase 5: Follow-up
When you are a Broersma client, you are building a lifelong relationship. We will always be here if you run into problems or questions – now and in the future.

Op zoek naar een partner voor de verhuur en branding van een project?

Ontdek het Broersma-projectabonnement met de mogelijkheid tot in-house marketing. Dit is een nieuwe contractvorm voor grotere partijen waarbij wij verantwoordelijk zijn voor de continuïteit in de verhuur. Zegt een huurder binnen de afgesproken periode van drie tot vijf jaar op? Dan zoeken wij een nieuwe huurder. Indien gewenst, nemen we tevens de volledige marketing en branding uit handen. Zo maken we een eigen website en gevelbanier en organiseren we een teaser-event om leads te genereren.


Broersma is ‘certified expat broker’ of the MVA.

Amsterdam attracts people from around the world. Expats are initially interested in renting, but then often consider buying. Broersma are experts in sophisticated, discreet marketing that links the right property with the right target audience. We are attune to international demand and adjust our marketing to match.



The first rental consult is always free of charge, discreet, and there is never any obligation. We charge a fixed percentage of the rental price, or you can save with our subscription model.

Need rental advice?

Broersma listens, observes, identifies issues, and provides advice. Make an appointment with one of our rental specialists.

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