“It’s an art to sell perfectly well.” Kees Kemp

At Broersma, we believe that showcasing a home is an art. We do our research. We highlight each home’s unique elements, the beautiful details that will entice the perfect new owner, with staging, compelling copy, and gorgeous photos. During the sale, we will be your compass. You will benefit from all of our extensive knowledge, and we always adjust our strategy to the market. Complete information. Elegant presentation. That is our motto. We will do everything we can to get you the best deal.


Broersma’s five sales phases

Phase 1: A no-obligation consult
We will get to know you first. We start by listening and outlining our role in selling your home. Our advice is built around an initial inventory of your home’s key features. We will do a quick scan of your home and map out any obstacles we have identified. Then we will share our vision with you, along with our recommended sales price and a no-obligation quote.

Phase 2: Commissioning and marketing
Once we have explained our recommendations and our quote, we will move into the commissioning and marketing phase. We will create a digital sales file with all of the relevant details about your home. Our office will select the right documents, structure the overall presentation, and work with you to choose a civil-law notary, and your estate agent will guide you every step of the way.

Presentation is a crucial part of the Broersma process. We know how important perception can be in attracting potential buyers. The right presentation can impact the buyer’s final decision. That is why staging and styling are key elements for Broersma.

We have built a trusted network of expert stylists and photographers in the Broersma Circle. They are established specialists who help us enhance each home’s total experience. And as the current owner, you will get your say in the process, too. We will help you share what you value so much about the home, and all the things you will miss.

We will bundle it all together with our expert vision in the Broersma magazine, which we design and publish ourselves. We will also publish everything on the Broersma platform and generate direct leads with Funda, MVA, social media and our extensive network. We are familiar with international demand and how to adapt our marketing to fit.

Phase 3: The sale
Every sale centres on a strategy of allure that entices buyers first to a showing, and then to a purchase. No two properties are the same. Neither is a Broersma sales strategy. We will carefully coordinate all elements with knowledge, experience, and integrity.

Selling a home will always be an intriguing process. Lead times are always unique, and response differs per property, no sales drive is the same. We are here to be your compass, guiding you on this journey. We will share our knowledge and take the emotion out of the sale. On the market longer than you expected? Broersma is always looking for new solutions, and we take a proactive approach to advice.

Phase 4: Contracts and closing
We are well aware of our role as an authority when it comes to negotiations. Knowledge and vision are essential, especially when there is more than one potential buyer. We will use our knowledge and experience to create clarity: we will specify the wording in an offer and clarify what it means. Is the offer realistic? What are the conditions? Where are there opportunities? We help you strike the right balance between the rational and emotional, so you can make the best deal.

Have you agreed on a sale? We will document it all in writing, which will eventually become the purchase contract. At Broersma, the notarised purchase contract is an integral part of your sale file. Finally, we will manage the signing, closing, and handover.

Phase 5: Follow-up
When you are a Broersma client, you are building a lifelong relationship. We will always be here if you run into problems or questions – now and in the future.

Hidden Objects*

At Broersma, we understand that some properties can’t be sold ‘for all to see’. With our Hidden Objects* programme, we put properties in the market confidentially. We discreetly pitch these exclusive houses to potential buyers and hand pick the right candidates before sharing any details.

Potential buyers receive a personal link with a login code only after careful screening and accepting the privacy terms. It allows them to access the digital brochure on a secured section of the Broersma platform.



The initial, no-obligation sales consult is free of charge and discreet. You can partner with us for the full sales process or just part of it. Our rates are tailored to match.

''Broersma knows what it takes to sell a home. From the photo shoot and the in-house magazine to the tour and the mortgage deed, I was given valuable advice and expert guidance throughout the entire process. I'll call them again next time.''

Michel Veldhuis
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