Merijn Hartog
Estate Agent | Partner

Merijn is famous for his creative approach

‘This work is about being patient, figuring out solutions, and bringing the right people together,’ says Merijn, who has in-depth knowledge of the Greater Amsterdam area property market and years of experience making the perfect match between client and property. His dedication, creative perspective, and genuine approach are what truly set him apart. ‘The last step in a sale or purchase is nuance, so we can make the deal.’ He uses his extensive network to find locations before they hit the market. Like the old tram depot – when he heard the advertising agency that was in the space was pulling up stakes, Merijn quickly connected his client with this historic property.

After earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture in Amsterdam, Merijn worked as a real estate consultant, then started at KS Bedrijfsmakelaars in 2011, where he was partner and owner. He spearheaded the merger with Broersma in 2022, after building a niche position finding and matching unique, creative properties in Amsterdam.

Merijn follows new trends closely. ‘The biggest challenge is the occupancy rate. There are fewer people working in the office, but they want more space. They also need to feel at home, with secluded seating options and designated spots for video calls.’

Merijn believes this kind of work needs to be in your blood, and he appreciates how his knowledge of the market means things sometimes just come his way. ‘I recently visited a new client in the morning who wanted to move away from Central Station, and my next meeting was with a client who actually wanted to work closer to Central Station,’ Merijn laughs, and the owners immediately visited each other’s offices to check out the situation. ‘The deal was closed that afternoon.’

Merijn lives with his family on Prinsengracht: ‘Close to Amstelveld, on a square in the middle of the city surrounded by benches, a playground, and petanque. It’s a quaint little village in the smallest metropolis in the world.’


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