Dirk Richelle
Assistent estate agent

The brokerage blood runs through Dirk’s veins

“It is important to be transparent and to treat customers with respect and integrity, something I would like to contribute to within Broersma Werken,” says Dirk. Unmistakably, he calls these values, especially within real estate. He says this from a deep-rooted interest in real estate and architecture that originated from his childhood home, with a father in real estate. As he puts it himself, “Real estate has interested me from a very young age, and it could hardly be otherwise because it was instilled in me at an early age”.

“My father mediated the sale of retail spaces and his stories about the people he worked with intrigued me immensely,” says Dirk. Now that he is building his own real estate career, he is able to further deepen his knowledge and interest in dealing with clients. “I like to build a relationship that goes beyond the assignment I am working on at the time,” he says. Something he also learnt from his training at the Hotel School and which he now applies in his work for Broersma Werken.

“I guess I will never finish learning, and getting my brokerage degree is now my next milestone that I want to tick off so that I can fully assist Broersma Werken in its ambition of growth and striving for quality,” Dirk said.

Relaxation finds Dirk by the water and otherwise he is busy exploring Amsterdam where he has just moved. With the Schinkel neighborhood as his new base of operations, it bodes well for the great projects Amsterdam within Broersma Werken will bring him. This is where he is at his place.

Contact Dirk
T. +31 6 29 14 94 49
E. dirk@broersma.nl

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