Katie Jonker
Office Assistant

Katie is the epitome of organised

‘A real estate professional’s work is never done. This is such a fast-paced, dynamic industry,’ says Katie, who will tell you that managing things and keeping them on track is what she does best. Katie is the first point of contact for clients when it comes to building files and crafting brochures. She screens tenants for landlords and helps them with background research. ‘We take a lot of work off our clients’ plates,’ Katie says.

Katie earned her Bachelor’s in Sports Management in The Hague and then went into real estate. She picked Broersma because of the professionalism she experienced at the company as soon as she applied. ‘I feel at home here.’ And she now sees the city through a commercial property lens: ‘Prinsengracht 168 is a property I like to cycle past and keep an eye on for renovations. It gets more beautiful with every passing day. And now they’ve taken down the scaffolding, so you can see the unique shutters. They’ve maintained all the historic features on the exterior, and a marketing agency will be moving in soon.’

She lives just outside the city, where she says she loves being surrounded by lush greenspace. ‘In the morning, I arrive by ferry via Noord in a city that’s just waking up, basking in the orange glow of the sun beaming down on Amsterdam. In the evening after work, I sometimes meet up with my boyfriend at Impero Romano for some traditional Italian food.’

Impero Romano, Amsteldijk 25, Amsterdam

Contact Katie
T. +31 6 25 48 04 05
E. katie@broersma.nl

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