Erik Reijn
Estate Agent | Partner

Erik values the way commercial and residential work in tandem at Broersma

For Erik, combining commercial and residential under one roof is what makes Broersma unique. ‘The synergy of our services allows us to serve a broader cross-section of Broersma’s target audience. That cross-sector collaboration makes us unique in the market.’

Erik studied Real Estate at the School of Management, Economics and Law in Groningen, and is a certified Registered Real Estate Agent-Appraiser within the Commercial Real Estate sector. Erik thrives on long-lasting partnerships, fostered by his commitment to going the extra mile to produce the best results. ‘I’ve been partnering closely with quite a few of my clients for many years, where we help tailor the property to match the growth.’ That is precisely what he did for Adyen, where he has been a trusted advisor for more than a decade, facilitating growth from 400 m² in 2012 to almost 28,000 m² in the past year. He also spent nearly 20 years working on leasing for the Veemarkt in Oost, a business-to-business site with 128 business units. ‘I’m often the first point of contact for tenants, and I work to maintain tenant quality for the landlord,’ says Erik. ‘There are caterers, an ornament maker, and a pasta factory, but also architects and media agencies, and cross-collaboration is crucial for these companies. That, in turn, attracts new creative businesses.’

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T. +31 6 55 19 56 89

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