Wendy Potman
Personal Assistant

Wendy makes the difference for Broersma’s high-end clients

“We have to be discreet because we work a lot with Dutch celebrities, from actors and politicians to businesswomen and former footballers’, explains Wendy, who realises that buying or selling a property often involves private issues like divorce or bankruptcy. These properties are listed as ‘Hidden Objects’, and the details and photos are not released to the public. ‘That means the news never hits the street, so we can offer our clients full confidentiality.’

She studied Human Resources in Amsterdam, then transitioned into Real Estate. Wendy loves managing portfolios down to the smallest detail, e.g. she is still helping one client with a leasehold issue, even though the sale was finalised two years ago. ‘Buying a property is business, but it’s also very personal, and our clients know that they’re not just another property.’ Broersma may handle thousands of showings a year and sign hundreds of contracts, but Wendy knows that for every client, this may be their first home.

She lives in the Buitenveldert neighbourhood, where she loves being surrounded by lush, green spaces. Wendy lives within cycling distance of the Broersma office and calls her commute along the canals a joy. ‘Both in summer, when the sun is shining, and in winter when the lighted Christmas trees are in the front windows of the historic buildings.’

Stephen & Penelope, Wendy’s favourite craft shop, is located in one of those beautiful old buildings on Nieuwe Hoogstraat. ‘This is a hip new world, with hand-dyed balls of yarn and other gorgeous craft supplies,’ says Wendy, who thinks crafting defines her personality – caring and interested. ‘I’m often knitting something in the office, for a sick colleague or someone who’s pregnant.”

Stephen & Penelope, Nieuwe Hoogstraat 29, Amsterdam

Contact Wendy
T. +31 (0)6 21 66 89 85
E. wendy@broersma.nl


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