Otte van Apeldoorn
Real Estate Agent / Appraiser

Otte can sometimes sense which property a client will buy before they do

‘Does it suit every client to buy a property on a dyke that might flood twice a year?’ asks Otte, who favours a down-to-earth, critical approach. He realistically yet kindly highlights obstacles for clients and is always ready to offer alternatives. ‘It’s a bit like a coaching process we go through together to identify the right property for the right person.’

Otte studied Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciencs and then looked for a multifaceted job that allowed him to work with people and spend time outside. ‘In the property world, you feel the rhythm of the city.’ He made a deliberate choice to join Broersma. ‘This is a firm with a good moral compass. There are no real estate cowboys here, we are advisers.’

Otte sees the challenge in working with elderly clients. Like the elderly couple who were split about leaving their home in the city centre – the wife wanted to go but her husband wanted to stay. ‘When a beautiful property in the district of Zuid came along that he seemed excited about, I had to be well prepared. I explained how rare it is to find properties like that on the market, and that we had to seize this opportunity,’ says Otte, whose expertise won the man’s trust, and they closed the deal.

Otte’s own unique home on Amstelveld has beautiful light, a stove that is always burning, and a patio where you can find him with a cup of tea in the summer. ‘It’s always wonderful when the neighbours drop by, join us for a drink, and we all enjoy dinner together.’

If you are looking for a special spot in the city, he recommends ‘Love or Generosity’, a five-metre sculpture by American artist Nicole Eisenman that stands in front of the New Court. ‘It’s a Big Friendly Giant with an owl, arrow, and acorn in his hand, representing wisdom, perseverance, and protection, the Court’s way of reversing the old image of order and severity,’ Otte explains: ‘It’s similar to how I like dismantling people’s fixed patterns and inspiring my clients to look further, which is crucial when buying a property.’

’Love or Generosity’, het beeld voor de Rechtbank, Parnassusweg 280, 1076 AV Amsterdam

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T. +31 6 50 23 83 55

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