Muriël Rikken - ’t Hart
HR Manager

Muriel Rikken - 't Hart

Our specialists are passionate about our industry

“The professionalism and passion at Broersma is contagious,” says Muriël, explaining her heart for the business. “What other estate agency has an in-house marketing department and its own HR manager? That really speaks to how progressive this company is.” She’s an invaluable resource for employees on topics like salary, holidays, fringe benefits, and leave, or just for a great conversation.

When Muriël first joined our team, she picked up on the good energy straight away – the drive coursing through the entire office. Muriël: “Ask any of our specialists a question and you’ll hear how passionate they are about the industry. Everyone here is passionate about reaching the same goal: elegance at work and in life.”

Muriël lives in Amsterdam Zuid, and after dropping her children off at school, it’s just a few minutes by bike to the office. “Zuid is a village within a city,” Muriël says, sharing her love for this little slice of Mokum. “Everyone knows each other and there are so many local business owners who give the neighbourhood its unique charm. Like B.J. de Logie wine shop, a family business where they’ve been passing down knowledge from generation to generation for more than 170 years.”

Muriël actually grew up in a village just outside Amsterdam, and she’s found that same peace and quiet in Amsterdam-Zuid. And thinking back on her hometown, she says with a smile, “it’s even greener here.”

Wine shop B.J de Logie, Beethovenstraat 27 Amsterdam

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