Nina Meijer
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Each home has its own story

“The mystery of what a home looks like from the inside really appeals to me. Each home has its own story. That fascinates me,” says Nina, who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making that story compelling. She loves the different building styles that make Amsterdam unique, especially classical, with its original ornaments, sweeping windows, and high ceilings.

Seen a home listed for sale? Then there’s a good chance Nina will supervise the initial phase. She drafts the file, requests the registry information, checks the soil survey, and coordinates everything with the owners. Then she hands the file over to the agent and directs the photography team.

It was a passion that became a career, and started back in childhood. “My grandfather had his own concrete flooring company and he built and renovated so many houses in the Netherlands and abroad. He also built his own buildings that he still rents out today. They’re stories that have always inspired me.”

Nina grew up in Aalsmeer, a stone’s throw from the famous flower auction. After a short stint in a noisy house in De Pijp, a flat in De Baarsjes came her way. “There are so many architectural styles here, as well. No two streets are alike. My flat is quite modern. It’s beautifully detailed and gorgeously decorated. I don’t miss Aalsmeer. In Amsterdam, lush green space and the peace and quiet aren’t hard to find if you look for them.” On warm summer days, Nina enjoys strolling the canals and settling in at Kikkie on the Prinsengracht for a Smash burger and a good glass of wine.

Café, Terrace and Restaurant Kikkie, Prinsenstraat 30, Amsterdam

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