Leonne ter Woord
Senior Marketeer


“It’s an art to leave a lasting impression,” says Leonne. “We go quite far in that regard at Broersma. We work closely with a network of stylists and photographers. Genuine professionals from the Broersma Circle who, together with the real estate agents, ensure that each property is presented optimally.”

As a marketing specialist, Leonne knows exactly what it takes to create an unforgettable experience. “We don’t just describe the house or workspace; we also tell our clients what there is to do in the neighborhood, where to buy the finest wines or the most beautiful design pieces for their homes. We inspire with background information on architecture and interior design, creating a complete living experience.”

Leonne herself is not short on inspiration. She is often found in the Amsterdam art scene, and whenever possible, she lets her brushes glide over the canvas. “I paint portraits and abstract impressions,” she reveals. “Especially in making portraits, precision is crucial, which suits me well.”

A special location that Leonne recommends for a visit in the city is Huis Bartolotti. A canal house from 1617 that is still completely in its original state. “The interior features beautiful artisanal elements, such as a marble fountain and graceful ornaments. The building itself is situated in the bend of the Herengracht so that it is visible from both sides.” And as far as Leonne is concerned, that is what her work is all about: creating visibility and an experience that lingers.

~ Huis Bartolotti, Herengracht 170, 1016 BP Amsterdam

Contact Leonne T. +31 20 305 97 77

E. leonne@broersma.nl

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