Merel Schrijver
Real Estate Support


“Redevelopment is about restoring the soul of a building. It’s an opportunity to add a new chapter to the history of a property,” says Merel. As a back-office employee, Merel supports two teams: redevelopment and existing construction. She compiles files, schedules appointments with stylists, real estate agents, and future residents, and is closely involved in the transformation of old buildings into attractive places to live.

Merel: “Building and furnishing a property from scratch fascinates me. At Broersma, I have the chance to contribute to the layout, styling, and preservation of historical value.” She dreams of one day redeveloping a building from scratch and then living in it herself. An old school building holds a special interest for her: “I imagine transforming the old classrooms into living spaces, preserving the architectural elements and the character of the building.”

For now, Merel enjoys living in the vibrant Amsterdam Oud West, where De Hallen holds a central place for her. “It’s amazing to see how a former tram depot has been transformed into a multifunctional space that now also attracts tourists,” she says. The project has revitalized the neighborhood and serves as an inspiration for Merel’s own creative process.

In addition to her full-time job at Broersma, Merel is pursuing the education to become a Candidate Registered Real Estate Agent (KRMT).

~ De Hallen Amsterdam, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 47, 1053 RT, Amsterdam

Contact Merel T. +31 61 524 10 27 E.

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