Former warehouse, theatre, and workshop for The Playing Circle.

Spaces that transcend the masses

There is no question that interior architect Floris Koch has an unerring sense of taste. So he was bound to land at Broersma in his search for unique spaces in the historic heart of Amsterdam. As owner of The Playing Circle, he turned to Merijn Hartog to find inspiring locations for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and events.

The assignment was tailor-made for Broersma. Merijn knew right off the bat that these spaces would need to transcend the masses. He hand-picked a list of properties, each one of a kind yet with the same ambience: a warm, welcoming space in historic locations that inspire.

The Vaudeville Theatre

Broersma found the first space in the former Vaudeville Theatre at Singel 512. The top floor features a spacious loft that still retains the original, unique character. The vaulted eight-metre ceilings and greenhouse-esque windows with a view over the Flower Market are fertile soil for new ideas and solutions. It is the perfect backdrop for The Playing Circle.

Christofori Concert Hall in a former warehouse

Just like the hidden gem on Singel, we found the second property at Prinsengracht 583, on the top floor of what was once a warehouse. The gorgeous five-metre ceilings, natural light that saturates the space, and the unobstructed view over the canal make this property the perfect place to let creativity run wild.

Atelier de Vijzel

The third and final property that Broersma proposed was Atelier de Vijzel, a historic building at Vijzelstraat 77 that was once a workshop for a large menswear brand. The combination of the classic details with the modern cast-iron window frames, soaring ceilings, and abundant natural light put the finishing touch on The Playing Circle’s portfolio.

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