Nadia Flore
Front Office Assistant

Nadia puts herself in the client’s shoes and always gives 100%

‘Clients may not be able to see me through the phone, but they can hear the passion in my smiling voice,’ says Nadia. For her, this is not an act, she always has a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. ‘Hospitality and helpfulness just come naturally to me.’

She studied Travel & Hospitality at Scalda College in Goes but learned about real estate from her contractor father, who regularly took her along to contract signings at the civil-law notary. ‘He said I could learn from it.’

Nadia rents a spacious apartment with large windows on Amstelstraat, with a south-facing rooftop terrace. ‘I particularly liked the bathroom, which has both a shower and a bath, that gives me just a tiny glimpse of the River Amstel through the window.’ She goes on walks to discover the secrets of the city, like a statue inside a tree in Leidsebosje, a tiny man sawing a thick overhanging branch. ‘I did some research and discovered that it’s called Little Lumberjack (Boomzagertje), by an anonymous artist.’ The sculpture is one of three by ‘The Unknown Sculptor’, alongside the running man with violin case and the head of a violinist in the Stopera building. The sculptures were donated to the city on the condition that the identity of the artist would be kept secret.

In the heart of Amsterdam, Nadia loves stopping by the timeless Bruincafé ‘t Centrum on Rembrandtplein square, where she can have a drink with the locals, and the cat that spends its days chasing away the mice. ‘It’s the kind of place you go if you don’t want to be seen, where you can just be yourself.’

The Little Lumberjack, in Leidsebosje, perched on a plane tree branch, Oud-West neighbourhood.

Het ‘Boomzagertje’, in het Leidsebosje, op een tak van een van de Platanen, Oud-West.

Contact Nadia
T. +31 20 305 97 77

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