Alexander Gimbrère
Real Estate Agent Assistant

Alexander is Broersma’s sweeper keeper

‘Fetching the keys to a property, mailing some parcels; I do it all,’ says Alexander who is polite, helpful, and has a quick mind. Just last week, I helped style a property – I ordered cabinetry, assembled it all with a colleague, and solved a problem in no time.’ According to Alexander, this solution-oriented approach is par for the course at Broersma, helping and delighting clients wherever possible.

He is studying entrepreneurship at IAM College in Amsterdam, is currently on the KMT course, and is always happy to lend a hand to Broersma specialists with property tours. ‘I learn a lot from my colleagues and the way they close deals by going the extra mile.’

Alexander lives in the Jordaan neighbourhood, where he likes to sit in his window and watch the city go by. ‘I live on Westerstraat, practically next to one of the city’s seven secrets: nine tiny miniature houses in a crack between numbers 54 and 70.’ Alexander loves listening to stories from his neighbour, a dyed-in-the-wool Amsterdammer, who is always telling him how everything used to be better. ‘I sometimes take him to our local, Café De Blaffende Vis, where he knows everyone in the place.’

Café De Blaffende Vis, Westerstraat 118, Amsterdam

Contact Alexander
T. +31 20 305 97 77

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