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Broersma Wonen Purchase Rates

Our fee covers the entire process.
The recommended purchase price:
For clients who partner with us for the complete process, Broersma charges a percentage of the purchase price we recommend. This is the actual purchase price. In practice, some clients may be prepared to agree to a higher purchase price, but our fee will be calculated based on our recommended purchase price, not the higher price. If the purchase price is lower, we’ll calculate our fee on the lower purchase price, not the higher recommended amount.
The digressive rate:
The percentage that Broersma calculates for our fee is digressive. That means higher the buyer’s price range, the lower the percentage. We’ll have a conversation with you where we’ll outline this in advance. Then we’ll draft a quote for your confirmation.
The inclusive fee:
Our fee includes VAT, advice, showings, and research costs, including Land Registry, environmental and listed building conservation costs. You’ll never be charged unexpected additional costs.

Purchase rates for limited support
You can also partner with Broersma for just part of the purchase process, once you’ve found a home, for instance. In those cases, we’ll adjust our quote accordingly.

Purchase rates for combined services
If you combine your initial purchase process with a follow-up process, we’ll charge a reduced rate for one of the two transactions and adjust our quote accordingly.

The integrity clause
Broersma always serves one client and we don’t do Chinese walls. In the event that two or more of our clients show interest in the same property at the same time, we’ll let everyone know well in advance and only represent one client. We have a separate policy for closed bid sales, and we’d be happy to schedule a consult to walk you through it.

Looking for purchase advice?
Broersma will listen, observe, help you take stock, and make recommendations. Schedule an appointment with one of our purchase specialists.

"Finding a new home is never easy. Judith maintained a critical eye and did not get carried away by our sometimes emotional decisions. That approach ultimately helped us find our dream home. We are about to move and can't wait to enjoy our new home. Thanks, Judith!"

Michelle Broere, buyer

Broersma Wonen Sales Rates

The first consult is always free of charge, discreet, and there is never any obligation. You can partner with us for the entire process, or just part of it. Our rates are tailored for your needs.

Option 1: full sales support
Our rates are tailored for the full sales process. We charge clients based on both a fixed percentage and an incentive percentage of the sale price. At Broersma, all prices include service fees and VAT. That means there are never any unexpected costs.

Fixed rate
The fixed rate depends on the price range, the marketability, and the complexity of the case. The rate is adjusted accordingly.

Incentive fee
We also offer incentive fees as our response to the demand for results-driven rates. That means a lower percentage is charged on a portion of the revenue, and a higher percentage on any additional revenue.

Option 2: limited sales assistance
Already found a potential buyer? We are always available to guide you through the rest of the sales process with services like strategic advice and support. We can help you navigate negotiations, draft sales agreements and/or handle legal transfer. We charge reduced rates for our limited service, either a fixed fee or an hourly rate.

Broersma listens, observes, identifies issues, and provides advice. Contact our sales specialists for more information.

The rental rates of Broersma Wonen

The fixed rate
Our rates are fixed at 9% including VAT or 7.5% excluding VAT, of the first year’s rent.

Pre-fixed rate
Our pre-fixed rate is set at 9% including VAT, of the first year’s rent.

The BRSM project subscription
Partnering with Broersma on multiple properties? Broersma now offers the BRSM project subscription, giving you new solutions for invoicing. With this subscription model, you’ll pay a percentage of the rental price each month, depending on the number of apartments, the contracted period, and the marketing service level. The benefits are a consistent rate and a satisfied property owner.

Additional costs
All prices for private individuals include VAT. They do not include costs for drafting measurement reports, energy label reports, or points calculations for the Residential Tenancies Act. We will coordinate the work, but it will be charged directly by each company individually.

Need rental advice?
Broersma listens, observes, identifies issues, and provides advice. Make an appointment with one of our rental specialists.



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