Dilara Bilgin
Office Assistent

Dilara Bilgin

Dilara also helps companies fulfil a dream

“In the premises, the decoration of the rooms, the staff and the overall service: everywhere within Broersma you feel the elegance, while maintaining a sense of homeliness,” Dilara describes her experience within our firm.

“Our goal is to fulfil the client’s need, whatever that need is,” she further explains the passion for her work. “Sometimes a business is start-up and you help fulfil a dream. Other times, an existing business is looking for a bigger space, but the current lease has not yet expired. Then we also help with plotting the right strategy.”

Supporting others is something Dilara enjoys doing. She takes all the preparatory work, such as doing research and making appointments with customers, out of our business brokers’ hands. She also offers a listening ear to our clients in their search for the right business space.

Dilara herself has her heart set on the Jordaan, where she has lived with her boyfriend for two years. “Our neighbourhood is a village in the city, with games café De Laurierboom as its central living room,” she says enthusiastically. “Here, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Everyone helps each other. Like the other day when my friend’s bike chain came off and the neighbour immediately came to his rescue.” Before this, Dilara lived in Noord, but in the city she feels the stories. “My housing dream? Staying where I live now, but preferably with a bit more space.”

Café De Laurierboom, Laurierstraat 76, Amsterdam

Contact Dilara
T. +31 6 216 25 895
E. dilara@broersma.nl


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