Hidden Objects ®

Information for the owners


Presenting homes on the internet is essential for an optimal response. However, through the photo presentation on internet, your private life can become very publicly. In specific situations a public view is not desirable for a seller. There are also situations which you as owner of the house, initially only wants to offer exclusively and confidentially to a select few. 

Broersma HIDDEN OBJECTS ® provides you the EXCLUSIVE ability to place your property with the necessary privacy on the internet. 


With HIDDEN OBJECTS ® your home is "hidden" and "separated" placed on our site. This way, your house will still be in contact with the buyers who seek exclusive properties, without public view. Anyone seeking access to the exclusive presentation of your property, can only sign in after identification trough our office. Before the login code is provided, the seeker has to sign an explanation for the protection of your privacy.. This is an unique way to expose your exclusive property confidential and exclusive to a specific and selected target audience.

HIDDEN OBJECTS ® are protected against copying text and photographs. Image and text of your home can not directly be copied and re-used by others.